“First they Came…”

vocal quartet and string trio


solo percussion, digital delay processing pedal, and pre-recorded sound design

Lucid Dreaming

flute, violoncello, and 2 digital delay processing pedals


2 pianos, narration, and sound design

Several Circles

5 Clarinets (Eb, 3 Bb, Bass Cl)

Construction STILL in Process…

large chamber ensemble


chamber orchestra

We Interrupt this Broadcast: 1936-69′

fl, cl, vln, pno, tape, and electronics

towers, beautiful, mourning….

solo viola (or cello), electronics, and delay pedal

the 12 other Disciples

va, acc, perc, pno, and delay pedal

A Eulogy to Words

chamber orchestra, tape, and electronics

Ecce nunc benedicite…


Sublime Oasis

accordion, electronics, and delay pedal

Chaos Control

solo marimba

Our Material World

SSAATTBB choir, flute, and harp

Fantasia on a Lament

solo oboe and delay pedal

Construction in Process…

fl, cl, perc, pno, vln, vla, vlc

the Facts they deserve…

tape and electronics (vers 1); tape, electronics + chamber ensemble (vers 2)

6 1/2 Magic Hours


Night with Her Train of Stars

clarinet, percussion, harp, and violin


2 guitars

Madonna’s Like a Virgin

sopr, acc, fl, cl, perc, pno, 2 vlns, vla, vlc, cb

The Persistence of Time

symphony orchestra

La Voix du Dauphin

solo flute

Sliding Doors

solo piano


2 violins, viola

Three Authors/Three Songs

sopr, pno/mezz-sopr, fl, pno/sopr, pno


solo harp

Still Debussy

solo piano

Prayer of St. Theresa


Six Degrees for Strings

string orchestra

String Quartet No. 2

string quartet


chamber ensemble

Café au Lait

big band