La Voix du Dauphin (2008)

Duration: 5′

Instrumentation: solo flute

Written for the 2008 European American Musical Alliance at L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

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La Voix du Dauphin (“The Voice of the Dolphin”) was deeply inspired by the inherent beauty and behavioral patterns of dolphins in the oceans. According to the ancient philosophers, dolphins are one of the animal species that are helpers to mankind.  I have always thought of these creatures as ocean guardians for the safety of humans, or  rather, celestial forces that deliver messages to us from the heavenly or beyond.

In this composition I tried to write a simple melody that is juxtaposed and varied throughout the piece. La Voix du Dauphin is constructed from a loosely sonata single movement form. Throughout the piece I attempted to depict the actions and behavior of a dolphin, such as its communication with other sea creatures, and other bodily exercises, such as diving in and out of the water (which is stereotypical of the traits of the mammal).  Although the flute has been associated with birds in past musical literature, I also felt the instrument bears a striking similarity to the simple and apparent fluidity of dolphins, in addition to it fitting so well with expressions of the sea (ie, Claude Debussy’s La Mer).  In addition, the melody in this piece is the “message” or the “true voice” from one of the most highly regarded species of the animal kingdom, as it pleads for transparent mutual dialogue with its common man.

La Voix du Dauphin concludes into the mysterious unknown, as our neighborly creatures of this kind explore the limitless depths of the ocean, which is bound by restrictions for humans, yet eternally timeless for them. La Voix du Dauphin was composed in San Francisco, CA and Paris, France, with a premiere by Flutist Mackenzie Slottow in the Cortot Concert Hall at L’ecole Normale de Musique de Paris on July 28, 2008.