Lucid Dreaming (2015)

Duration: 16′

Instrumentation: flute, violoncello, and 2 digital delay processing pedals

Commissioned by The Marsyas Trio

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Commissioned by the Marsyas Trio in 2015, Lucid Dreaming calls for flute/alto flute, violoncello, and 2 digital delay processing pedals. The concept of “lucid dreaming” has fascinated me for years. Is it possible to dream and be aware of what you are dreaming, whilst also exerting some control of the narrative? This has happened to me on many occasions. Some of these dreams have been terrifying, yet I would wake up with astonishment, curiosity, and reflection, as the “echoes” of the dream state environment would resonate in my mind upon waking. The use of the delay pedals was my attempt to depict the “echoes” combined with the 2 states of consciousness from these experiences. Moreover, my own musical interpretation of “lucid dreaming” seeks to create an imaginary wonderland, full of euphoria, nostalgia, unlimited discovery into the unknown, and thematic homages from various Salvador Dali paintings. After years of being left on a dusty shelf from 2015, some of my own magical dreams comes to life in this recording. I also dedicate this work to the late Jennifer Oda, who had always lived her own dreams to the fullest, before she departed from this earthly realm…

Lucid Dreaming was recorded by Marysas Trio‘s Valerie Welbanks and Helen Vidovich at LSO St. Luke’s in June of 2017, as part of my 2 year residency with the London Symphony Orchestra’s Soundhub Composer Scheme.