Sliding Doors (2007)

Duration: 7’15

Instrumentation: solo piano

Written for the 2007 New Keys Festival.

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Sliding Doors was premiered at the San Francisco New Keys Festival in 2007, performed by Kate Campbell.  The title of this work is loosely based on the concept from the 1998 film of the same name, which depicts the story of a working class woman in London attempting to get inside the closing door of the subway train. The movie shows two different outcomes for the main character: one outcome results in success, the other in failure. These “sliding doors” have different chapters and conclusions as a result of two sides of fate: one favorable, and the other tragic.

The reason I had taken “sliding doors” as a concept for this piece is because I have seen evidence of the path divergent taking place, not just in my lifespan, but with friends and colleagues as well.  For example, there were situations that had I not made a certain train, or if I decided not to go back into my apartment to answer the phone, my life up to this point would be quite different.  I have always been fascinated with this synchronistic idea of two worlds coinciding, much similar to the notion of “parallel universes” that could be evident in our own existence.

In Sliding Doors, I attempted to depict two streams of thought that interweave throughout the composition.  Although the piece has somewhat of a lengthy hypnotic introduction and also gives credit to the classical sonata form archetype, it entails an immediate finale that brings these two forces together, which is reminiscent of the two parallel coincidental circumstances from the motion picture film.  Sliding Doors also demonstrates different styles of music fusing together. Moreover, these compositional segments are reflections from two sides of a mirror, communicating through different worlds yet never in its own respectable reality.

Sliding Doors had its UK premiere in May 2011 at St. Martin in the Fields, London, performed by Gideon Johannes Bester.